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  ・二連給水弁/Water Valve
          "For Various Applications with Wide Range of Flow Rate" (121KB)
  ・ラッチ式電磁弁/Latch Type Water Valve
          "Energy-Saving Latch Type Water Valve." (121KB)
  ・エア電磁弁/Air Valve
          "Controls Airflow up to 50kPa." (144KB)
  ・連結配管式エア電磁弁/Multiple Solenoid Air Valve 
          "Manifold Type Air Valve (470KB)
  ・2リットル流量センサ/Flow Sensor 2L
          "Impeller Type Measurable up to 2L/min." (284KB)
  ・8リットル流量センサ/Flow Sensor 8L
          "Impeller Type Measurable up to 8L/min." (254KB)
  ・30リットル流量センサ/Flow Sensor 30L
          "Impeller Type Measurable up to 30L/min. (133KB)
  ・小型水位センサ/Pressure Sensor
          "Flat Type Pressure Transducer" (67KB)
  ・オンボ−ド型水位センサ/On-board Pressure Sensor 
          "Small Pressure Sensor Mounted on P.C.Board" (85KB)
  ・蛇口取付用切替弁/Faucet-Mounting Flow Switching Valve
          "Three-Mode Spool Valve." (127KB)

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