Techno Excel Co., Ltd.

Toward the realization of an eternally blue and beautiful Earth and an enriched amenity life.

Pursuing new technologies for more than 150 years

By working in the field of fluid control based on the theme of "water," which is most closely related to nature and humans, we propose healthy and comfortable living in harmony
with the global environment.

Techno Excel Group continues
to make great strides toward
the limitless possibilities. VISION


  • 01

    Freely control water, air, and liquid
    Core technologies of Techno Excel

  • 02

    Delivering speed and high quality
    One-stop production system

  • 03

    Management system integrating safe and reliable quality and environment


Water control Air control Electronic control

We pursue the possibilities related to the fluid control field, such as pressure sensors and solenoid water supply valves. Our functional components support our daily lives from inside devices where convenience is taken for granted, such as fully automatic washing machines, warm-water washing toilet seats, and dishwashers/dryers .


Equipped with a concentration adjustment switch For sterilization and deodorization

Techno Excel's electrolyzed water generator that combines electronic and mechanical technology.

Supports daily hygiene management with its proven effectiveness and ease of use. Widely used for multiple purposes in various places, such as dental clinics, veterinary clinics, and business establishments.